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Stephanix Extreme Dream


Xtreme Dream is a highly flexible radiography solution.

The Stephanix Xtreme Dream x ray comes in a wide range of configurations allowing you to design your X-ray room to meet both your budget and your expectations for  general, trauma, ED and other imaging applications to suit your needs.

Xtreme Dream can be specified with a number of different features to suit all health and medical requirements these include:

• Manual operation

• Auto-tracking

• Auto-positioning

• Single or Multi Canon DR panels

Available in




The Canon DR panel ensures outstanding image quality at a lower dose to achieve the most effective diagnosis. The Canon CXDI software allows for almost instantaneous image display that can be post-processed and sent for archiving or printing effortlessly.

Thanks to its lightweight design, movement of the ceiling suspension is effortless. Combined with the auto positioning option, the position of the table and tube can be controlled from a remote console allowing decreased radiographer input and increase patient throughput. 

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