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Stephanix RAD + Bucky Room


A budget friendly general X-ray system.

The  RAD + radiographic system  is a compact system with a floor mounted tube,  a floating elevated table and wall stand/bucky. 

It allows simple installation for departments that do not have the support structure or budget for a ceiling mounted system.  The RAD + provides imaging for any part of the body in any position of the patient with vertical, horizontal and angled projections.

The system has been designed to focus on flexibility and friendly use for the radiographer and comfort for the patient.

The Stepahnix RAD + can be configured depending on your exact clinical requirements and budget. From analogue manual movement to complete auto tracking and positioning systems with multi panel Canon DR systems.  

Prices starting from $65,000 + GST

Available in: 





Available in Analogue or Digital DR (Canon) configuration.

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